Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

A topic that will probably get mixed reactions but one that we can't really continue to sweep under the carpet. Now, as a self proclaimed workaholic, the chances are that you have less variety in your life, have less social engagements or do the (other) things you enjoy less. And whilst this might be your fast track ticket to the top, it comes with some consequences. Take for example loneliness, a real possibility for those that work alot, maybe even a stimulus for a workaholic. Scientists have concluded that lonlelienss poses as significant a risk for your long term health and longevity as cigarette smoking. A thought provoking piece that left us wondering why we spend more time brushing our teeth than we do taking care of our minds?

If you feel physically lousy, you go to the doctor. So why don't more of us seek help when we feel emotionally lousy?

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