Fib. is a brand for the coming age, shaped by and for an audience who demand something different from nutrition.

Fed up of little white lies being told, and smart enough to know that the current options of age, gender or symptom are outdated, they want something that represents their lifestyle. ‘A bit of them’.

Driven by data, but with a dose of mischief, Fib. is a brand that identifies, creates and supports communities by promoting you to do you.

Curious? Here are three things you should know about us...


“A lie, typically an unimportant one”

How many fibs do you think we tell or are told every day? 

Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid fibs. Big or small, they’re everywhere, they’re a part of culture and often in marketing propaganda. And as funny as they can be, they create misinformation and frustration.

It’s perhaps no more present than in the food and food supplement industries with vitamins being notoriously shady.

Studies show that whilst multivitamins are the most commonly taken supplement [HFMA Health of the Nation Survey] (we talk about reasons for that on the blog), there is little regulatory oversight in the industry. One study found that 70% of supplements don’t contain what they say they contain.

Then comes the dreaded choice paradox. What do you take, when and which of the 27* types of magnesium (*exaggeration here helps make our point) are right for you? Don’t like pills? Join the club. Most people don’t.

And let’s not start on the fish oil…


“A style or way of living"

The decisions we take about what you eat, where you work, how much you exercise, and what you do for fun all define your lifestyle. And it is these choices which deplete your vital stores of nutrients.  In fact, the WHO have stated that 60% of health related factors are correlated to lifestyle.

It’s no surprise therefore, that according to leading nutrition foundations (we’d name them but they don’t want to be seen to endorse products) there is no better way to support the optimal functioning of your body than to supplement your lifestyle.

Shame because we’re not asking them to endorse, we just want to highlight the impact your lifestyle has on your nutrition needs.

But that did validate the thought… Why are there no multivitamins that are tailored to your lifestyle? No but seriously, why is there pretty much no differentiation other than age or gender in the multivitamin arena?

Whether you work-out like a Duracell bunny, spend 24-7 in the office or have a plant-based diet, your body needs some support.

Find out more here.


“A thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it”

The supplements industry is booming. Worth over $100bn globally and expected to triple in the next 4 years [Welltodo Global Consumer Trends Report 2020]. If you aren’t making them, chances are you are taking them. The majority of us (55%) supplement our diets because we don’t think that we are getting what we need from our diets. Read more on this here.

We supplement in order to enhance performance, cognitive function or wellbeing. And yet science says we aren’t getting any healthier. Weird.

One reason for that might be that supplements are sadly largely generic, unregulated and untested, meaning that over 46% of supplements do not contain what they say they do. Read more on this here.

Add to that the fact that you practically have to be a scientist to understand what you should be taking when there are so many options and you start to see the problem.

Put that all together and what do you get?

Fib. Lifestyle Supplements.

Tailored multivitamins delivered to your door in the highest quality and most bioavailable form possible. Oh and one more thing, no pills.